2023 Alberta Wedding Photography Coverage

Your day is in planning....the dress, the venue, the food, and the most important thing....Marrying your Best Friend! Let capture this moment to share for a lifetime. We offer wedding coverage year round and any day of the week.

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*Contract signing and retainer are required to book your date.*

2023 One Photographer Packages

One Photographer packages are perfect for those who want their day covered in a simple style. 

Prices start at $1800.00

*Contract signing and retainer are required to hold/book your date. 

Want smaller coverage?

Having a small elopement and only need a couple hours coverage? 

2023 Elopement Packages

Dreamy Skies Photography offers budget friendly elopement packages year round. Packages range from minimal 2 hours of coverage to a max of 5 hours coverage with one photographer.

Price start at  $500.00

*edit count is based on minimal requirement. More may be delivered then stated

2023 Two Photographer Packages Full Day 

You want it all covered in every way. From guests celebrating your day of marriage to your love for each other.   

Price Start at $2400.00 

*Contract signing and retainer are required to hold/book your date.