Photography is our life

My name is Christina Smith owner and photographer of Dreamy Skies Photography.

My work is unique with style and quality. I love to capture the emotions in photography which lead me into event photography. I have three passions; story tales, cars, and love. It’s only fitting that what I’ve stumbled upon as a career is photography, and I’m so glad I stumbled and stumbled hard. I pour my heart & soul into my work each day.

At Dreamy Skies Photography, I am focused on capturing emotions of true love and endless journeys. Interesting lights, special movement, kind hearts, quirky moments, moving stories, intimate moments and raw, real love is what inspires me. I document all the big important moments, but also the in-between. The things that are so yours, you didn't even know they were a thing until you saw it, and it's like your secret is forever timestamped.

I can not wait to work with you and tell your story in a captured moment.