I'm Christina owner and photographer of Dreamy Skies Photography. I have been doing photography since 2013 and love every moment of it. From capturing true love celebrations to passions people own. 

Weddings are my huge love as no two are identical and brings on challenges to make them yours is my love. From the pace of the day to the moments of wiping away tears of joy. These moments are special in every way.

Car Shows is my passion. The smell, the feel, and the rush. The bonds and friendships I have built through the years of capturing can't be replaced by any other. If you haven't been to a car show its worth every second to check out. There is a calendar on my website to local Alberta shows for the year.

Mini Sessions. From capturing moments of bonding to adventures and dreams. These can't be forgotten and worth every memory captured.

Lets have fun and I can't wait to talk to you on what you want captured to hold for memory of a lifetime.